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Choosing the Best Dog Treats

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Summer brings with it a whole new list of seasonal treats and activities for humans -- watermelon slices, fresh fruit smoothies, gardening and early morning runs. The season brings on a healthy glow, but how about for your dog? What do you look for when choosing the right dog treat? Read on for the top five things to consider when picking your dog’s summer treats.

Low Calories

Just like pet owners have to watch their calories, our furry friends need the same considerations. According to the WebMD Pet Section, no more than 10% of your pet’s daily calories should come from treats. Over-feeding even tiny treats leads to unhealthy pets. Calories add up fast, so be sure to check the calorie count and serving size before picking up your next package.

Quality Ingredients

How can you tell if the pet treat you’re buying is healthy? Just using common sense goes a long way. Look for wholesome quality ingredients and Google those you’re not familiar with. Prefer organic or ingredients from the USA? Not comfortable with artificial ingredients? Want corn, wheat, and/or soy free? Read the label and make an informed purchase.

Dental Health Treats

Looking for a treat that promotes healthy teeth and gums along with fresh breath? One way is to look for safe chew toys, like rubbery balls or flexible bones. These treats serve two purposes by providing chewing time and activity. For edible treats, pay attention to the texture and design, which help prevent plaque build-up and keep bad breath and tartar to a minimum. Tasty and/or playful treats are a winning combination.

Exercise Encouraging Treats

Unique snack activity toys allow you to hide the treat inside them. These make it a fun challenge for your pup. They need to play, paw, and scuffle with the toy to get their tasty rewards. Of course, there’s always the tried and true tether and rope tug toys that dogs just love to tangle with. Pick what best suits your dog’s size and temperament.

And the BEST Treat… YOU!

Your dog loves you the most. Making time for your pet keeps him healthy, happy, and adds excitement to his day. A run on the beach, a quick trip to the dog park, or a simple walk around your city block… Show your dog some extra love this summer season and watch your bond strengthen. You’ll both feel better for it.