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PetSafe Bark Collar for Small Dogs Helps Keep Your Pooch Quiet

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While personality traits and barking habits vary widely from breed to breed and dog to dog, the smaller breeds do have a bit of a well-earned reputation as big barkers. Many are content to yap away the day, barking at just about everything, or really nothing at all! If your smaller dog is a nuisance barker and you’re looking for some peace and quiet, and a break from the bark for your dog’s benefit as well, the PetSafe bark collar for small dogs is the perfect solution.

Specially designed for smaller breed dogs weighing up to 55 pounds, these bark control collars are crafted to deliver an appropriate level of correction for your compact canine companion. Each collar features 10 levels of static correction so you can customize the level to match the correction required for your dog. We recommend starting at the lowest level and progressing as needed until you find the right fit. While the correction doesn’t hurt your dog, rather serves as an alert to break them from barking, it is best to work with the lowest level necessary for them to learn to put a cap on the yap!

To ensure that training goes smoothly and is efficiently effective, this PetSafe bark collar brings PetSafe’s innovative “Perfect Bark” technology. Perfect Bark makes certain your dog only receives correction for her own barking, not the barking of nearby dogs. Dogs, just like people, have a greater chance of learning from correction if it they can make a clear connection between their behavior and the corrective action received. Perfect Bark cuts down on the confusion that would result from your pup being reprimanded for another dog’s barks, helping her move forward on the proper training path.

PetSafe bark collars are designed by a company that knows and love dogs. They understand that this special species we’re lucky enough to have in our lives deserves products that fit comfortably, and fit a dog’s lifestyle. As such, PetSafe bark collarsfor small dogs are adjustable for neck sizes ranging from 6-16 inches. In addition to comfort and durability, they are also completely waterproof, an important feature if your four-legged friends finds a lake, puddle or pool she simply can’t resist!

Creating an enriching friendship between dog and owner takes a bit of training for all parties involved. After all, it’s not exactly a good time waking up in the wee hours of the morning to let our pups go outside for a bathroom break, but this is one of the responsibilities of being a caring pet owner. Enduring endless sessions of nuisance barking, however, is not. We understand that some owners feel guilty using a bark control collar, but there is a time and place for barking, and nonstop is not the time!

If there is approaching danger, or your dog’s water dish has run dry in the summer heat, barking makes sense, and each PetSafe bark collar ensures your pup can bark during these justified times to alert you. If your dog barks more than 15 consecutive times, or longer than 1 minute and 20 seconds, the bark collar will turn itself off and reset after 3 minutes. This gives you an opportunity to look into why your dog is barking without her receiving constant correction in the meantime.

Are you ready to put your dog’s nuisance barking to bed once and for all? The PBC00-12726 PetSafe bark collar from is one of the smartest solutions we know!