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PetSafe Stay And Play Wireless Fence PIF00-12917

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PetSafe PIF00-12917

As fellow dog lovers, we understand the desire to give your favorite four-legged friends the freedom to run and roam around your yard without being limited by the length of a leash or chain. Whether your Beagle wants to happily smell the same flower at the end of the lawn for a half hour, or your Labrador pup can’t get enough of chasing her tail, dogs are at their natural best when they have the freedom of wide open spaces.

However, those wide open spaces they love so much can lead to lots of dangers, not the least of which is many pups’ desire to follow a scent trail, chase moving people, animals and vehicles, or just simply go for a walk! As such, keeping our dogs contained in the outdoors is a must, but a chain or physical fence is luckily not the only option. The PIF00-12917 PetSafe Stay and Play Wireless Dog Fence is the safe, easy solution that has pets and their owners alike rejoicing! Think a PetSafe Stay + Play Fence may be right for you? Let’s take a closer look at some of its fantastic features…

Superior Flexibility – While the PetSafe Wireless Fence comes packed with substantial space flexibility, allowing you to create a wireless pet containment area ranging from 5 to 105 feet, if you have a larger lot of land and your pup is lucky enough to count even more space as a free-roaming zone, you can easily expand this range even further by adding additional PetSafe Transmitters!

The More the Merrier – Are you the proud pet parent to more than one pooch? Not a problem! Your PetSafe Wireless Fence can keep all your dogs safe within the wireless boundary. Simply purchase an additional PetSafe Wireless Collar for each dog, and relax as all your furry friends enjoy life on the lawn without lugging a chain behind them!

Compact and Portable – Do you travel with your dog often? Or perhaps just routinely take him along for short trips to visit with friends and family? You might be surprised that you can take your PetSafe Wireless Fence along with you. This wireless dog fence really is unbelievably easy-to-operate – simply plug it in, and the fence is up! The pint-sized central unit creates a wireless perimeter surrounding your yard, or the yard of a friend or relative, which can be adjusted from a space as small as 5 feet up to a generous ¾ of an acre. As long as your dog is wearing his PetSafe rechargeable collar, the central unit picks up on the collar’s signal. While your dog will likely be more aware of his boundaries in his own yard as he will remember at which point the warning tone and subsequent static correction kept him in bounds, training him to stay within limits can occur at more than one location so he’s free more often!

Think the PIF00-12917 PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence is right for you? Chances are good that you’re right! But if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact an expert from via email or at 1-888-501-PETS.