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Perimeter Technologies Ultra Comfort Dog Fence

$299.95 $259.00
(You save $40.95)

Perimeter Technologies Ultra Comfort Dog Fence

$299.95 $259.00
(You save $40.95)

Product Description

Made in the U.S.A, the Perimeter Technologies Basic Ultra Comfort Contact Dog Fence, has everything you need to provide safety and comfort for your dog.

The receiver collar included with this electric dog fence system comes with Perimeter Technologies patented Comfort Contacts. These special contact probes are made of soft rubber, which cushion your dog's neck. Unlike the hard steel probes of other electronic dog collars, the Perimeter Technology receiver collar protects your dog's neck from discomfort and irritation.

This innovative underground dog fence system comes equipped with a wall-mounted transmitter that allows you to program your dog's receiver collar to the level of correction you desire. With the purchase of additional collars, you can add as many dogs as you like to the system and customize each collar to each dog's temperament from this single transmitter. The Perimeter Technology dog receiver collar can be safely used on any dog that weighs 10 pounds or more.

Progressive Correction w/Run Through Prevention:  Perimeter® brand dog fence systems offer progressive correction which measures time and distance from the collar to the boundary wire.  This feature allows the computer collar to know not only how far away it is from the boundary wire but how fast the collar, and subsequently the dog, is traveling.  In a fraction of a second the collar can make the necessary adjustments in correction intensity to ensure your dog stays safe at home.

Patented Wire Check:  Only Perimeter® brand dog fence systems feature the ability for the state of the art transmitter to monitor wire input and output automatically.  This ability allows the system to perform even with damage to the boundary wire. (No System can function with the wire completely broken.)  The field width will remain constant on both sides of a damaged boundary wire due to the power output management built into every Perimeter® brand dog fence.  Should you experience a catastrophic event resulting in total wire failure your system will give you a constant audible indication of the breach.

Patented Battery Check:  Only Perimeter® brand dog fence systems monitor the status of your battery every two hours to ensure you know when your dog fence needs a new battery.  Other brands offer low battery indication however it only lets you know when the battery dips below a certain output level.  The chemical composition of a battery fluctuates over a variety of different operating conditions which could potentially signal a false low battery indication.  Perimeter® brand systems save you time and money by requiring 3 consecutive low battery triggers to set off the low battery indication.  Why not keep your dog safe at home without spending extra money on unnecessary battery changes.

Digital Frequency Encoding:  eliminates stray signal interference from neighboring dog fence systems as well as other signal generating devices.  In addition to the encoding Perimeter® brand pet fences operates on a 7 KHz frequency which in and of itself provides less frequency interference than other dog fence systems operating on more widely used bands.

  • Signal range of up to 5 acres (requires 2,000 feet of wire)
  • Safe and effective for dogs weighing 10 to 200 pounds
  • Progressive static correction plus tone-only warning sound
  • Dog receiver collar is small, lightweight (1.1 oz), comfortable
  • Waterproof Receiver
  • Includes Comfort Contacts for added safety and comfort
  • Add an unlimited number of dogs to the system (additional receiver collars required)
  • Consistent and reliable 12X battery status technology
  • Exclusive wire and temperature check technology
  • Safety feature shuts off the collar after 20 seconds of continuous correction
  • Multiple signal frequency settings to prevent interference with any nearby pet fence systems
  • Designed and made in the USA
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Box Includes
  • Programmable wall-mounted transmitter with power adaptor
  • Collar receiver with nylon strap (Perimeter PTPFS-003)
  • Lithium-ion battery for the collar (Perimeter PTPRB-003)
  • 500 feet (1/3 acre) of 20-gauge boundary wire
  • 50 training flags (recommended for boundary training)
  • Two wire connectors
  • Two waterproof splice covers
  • Comfort contact probes
  • Steel contact probes for long-haired dogs
  • Non-correction probe covers (long and short)

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